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Empower Your Spirit Classes
Classes are temporarily on hold while I recover from being a mom for the third time. Please check back frequently for any updates.

"Thanks so much for the terrific class last night - you really are in your element, I can totally tell! You are a great teacher with a wonderful gift, thank you for sharing it with us."

~Mary Stromberg

Possible Upcoming classes:

An Evening of Meditation 

I have come to a point in my life where I realize that meditation is not a luxury but a must. A daily meditation practice will allow you to approach life with a sense of calm and alignment. Meditation allows you to go within and re-discover who you are and what it is you've come to accomplish.

I love the phrase "if prayer is asking then meditation is listening for the answer". It couldn't be any more true. Meditation offers so many benefits both on a physical as well as mental level.

I would encourage you to begin your meditation practice today. The problem many face is that they don't know how to meditate which is the answer of most of my clients. This evening of meditation will help with that. We will briefly discuss the benefits of meditation, how to incorporate it into your daily life, participate in several meditations and lastly I will lead a guided meditation to introduce you to your Spirit Guides.

An Evening of Readings

Learn how to read the signs from the Universe! This will be a fun class where you'll learn how to do readings for other people as well as further your intuition for yourself. 

Ascended masters, Archangels and Angels

The resources for us are tremendous from the spirit world. In addition to our spirit guides we can call on ascended masters or the angelic realm. Most of the ascended masters and angels have their "specialty" and knowing who to call on is wonderful.

Come learn about these wonderful beings and how to call on them. I will choose a few ascended masters, most of the archangels and hopefully introduce you to your guardian angel.

Connect with a loved one

When we lose a loved one we often fail to realize that all they've done is change form. They are still with us although not in the physical sense anymore. Our loved ones can send us messages which come in many forms such as songs on the radio, flowers, coins and more. It is very reassuring to know that those we love are safe and happy. It is especially wonderful when we receive messages from them. This class will be dedicated to teaching you how to connect with those who have passed and therefore hopefully bring you peace.  

Animal Spirit Guides

Animals are tremendous in helping us along our journey. Animals have messages that they are trying to give to us always. If not tuned to them, we may either not notice or discard these important pieces of guidance. They may appear as the animal themselves, as a picture every where you turn, in your dreams and the list goes on. It really is about paying attention to them and their messages.

A hawk appearing to us may be giving us the message of "step back and take a look at your situation - don't be too caught up in the detail." A dolphin gives us the message of play and have fun. A snake tells us that we are about to go through personal changes. Just like a snake sheds its old skin we will be going through the same type of process.

In addition to the messages given to us when we need them, each of us have our own power animal. This is the animal that is with us throughout our Earthly journey. They are there to guide and infuse us with its power any time needed or called on.

Understanding the world of animals is extremely fascinating! Join me in a class where we will introduce animal spirit guides, animal totems and power animals. We will understand the messages they are giving us. We will meet our power animal through a guided meditation.

CDs available for purchase:

Connect with your Spirit Guides
Lecture and Guided Meditation CDs available for purchase

Did you know that you have one or more spiritual helpers guiding you along your journey on Earth? Did you know that these spirit guides are ready to make your life easier but can only do so if you allow them to? Spirit guides are highly evolved beings who have volunteered to help us.

The connection to your spirit guides is a must for your spiritual progress. They are there to guide you and have your best interest in mind. Allow them to come through for you.
The first time you connect with one of your spirit guides feel like you've found a long lost friend. Spirit guides have our best interest in mind and are there to serve. All we need to do is ask for help.  

Spirit guides are our champions and helpers from the other side. They know the journey and life experiences we’ve chosen for ourselves. They know the answers on how to make it easier for us to accomplish our goals.

That gut feeling you get is what divine guidance feels like. It’s not scary or intimidating. It is safe and hopeful. 





Spirit Guides Lecture OR Guided Meditation CD:

Spirit Guides Lecture OR Guided Meditation CD:

Spirit Guides Lecture AND Guided Meditation CD:

Law of Attraction Workshop
Lecture and Guided Meditation CDs available for purchase

    The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful laws governing the Universe. Simply explained the Law of Attraction says "like attracts like". In other words, what you think about and fuel with emotion will be manifested into your life. Also, the more you give thought to something the faster it will appear in your life. Doesn't that make you think that you ought to give your energy towards only what you'd like to experience in your life? Is that easier said than done? The laws of the Universe also talk to us about unlimited abundance in all avenues of our lives so why not manifest all our desires without the concept of lack.

Join me in a workshop dedicated to teaching you the workings of the Law of Attraction, identifying your dreams and working towards manifesting them into your immediate future. The Law of Attraction is always working whether you are aware of it or not so why not be aware of it and use it to manifest the life you want.

Topics Covered:   

  • What is the Law of Attraction?
  • How do I use it to affect my thoughts daily?
  • How do I recognize when my thoughts are not serving me and how do I change them?
  • Identify what you dream is.
  • A guided meditation to help you recognize your dream.
  • Exercises to start the attraction process towards your dream rather than attracting by default.
  • ... and much more

Law of Attraction Lecture OR Guided Meditation CD:

Law of Attraction Lecture AND Guided Meditation CD:






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